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It's time your watch got smarter

Jan 30th, 2015 4:31:38 pm
by Thomas Banks
Technology Expert

The world of all dancing all singing smart watches has arrived. And you are going to love it.

The future is here

I have got some bad news for that time piece sitting on your wrist right now. Telling the time is no longer going to cut it I'm afraid. The world of all dancing all singing smart watches has arrived. And you are going to love it.

All the big name brands have either already launched a smart watch or will be releasing one in 2014. Samsung have their Galaxy Gear, Sony have Smartwatch and Smartwatch 2, whilst Apple, Google and Microsoft are all launching smart watches in 2014.


So what new features are these smart watches bringing to your wrist? Well the majority of them will link you up with your phone so you can get alerts when you receive messages or calls. The Sony Smartwatch offers a range of apps from the Google Play store. Whilst other smart watches can operate your phone's camera and the Samsung Galaxy Gear has gone step better and an actually has 1.9MP camera on the wrist strip.

Competitive prices

The prices of the first wave of smart watch do compare well to normal watches. You can pick up a new smart watch for anywhere between £80 and £280. French electronics company Archos have announced they will deliver a smart watch for less than £50. There are rumours that when Apple finally releases their smart watch they will make use of current pricing and offer a very affordable Apple product.

So is the smart watch just another technological fad or is it really here to stay? New York based marketing intelligence firm ABI Research have predicted that shipments of wearable computing devices (including health and lifestyle tracking wrist bands) will exceed 485 million in 2018.

"The furor about wearable technologies, particularly smart watches and smart glasses is unsurprising" said Josh Flood a senior analyst at ABI research. "Apple's curved glass-based watch could prove to be a revelation in the wearable technologies market. The major question is whether the digital time piece will act as a complimentary device to the company's iPhone smartphones or as a standalone product with other functionalities like health or activity tracking capabilities."

The clock is ticking for your watch

So it looks like the future has now reached our wrists and its down to our watches to raise their games. With Google Glass taking technology into to glasses form will it soon be our eyes turn to smarten up? It would seem the clock is ticking and buzzing as you receive another text message.