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Find out how you can shop for free at Primark

May 25th, 2017 9:39:49 am
by Louise Kemp
Retail Expert

Shop for free at Primark

Next time you're shopping in Primark would you like someone else to pay for you? Would you like to get to the till and not have to pay? That is exactly what you can do as a mystery shopper.

Website UK Mystery Shopper want to give you £100 to spend at your local Primark and all you have to do in return is review your shopping experience.

primark mystery shopper

Becky Kendall was given £100 of Primark vouchers after she joined UK Mystery Shopper last month.

"I can't believe I was able to shop for free. I love Primark and I shop there all the time. To be given £100 for free was amazing and doing the review was fun as well."

Become a mystery shopper for free

UK Mystery Shopper gives away free vouchers from a range of popular stores and supermarkets. It's free to join and once you complete a short offers survey you could be selected to be a mystery shopper. You'll then be given a £100 voucher to spend at Primark and best of all you get to keep everything you buy.

Hannah Flower was also given £100 of Primark vouchers by UK Mystery Shopper.

"I was surprised by how simple it was. I only joined because it was free and only took a minute or so. Then I was told I was going to be a mystery shopper and get £100 to spend. I loved it and I could get used to shopping for free."

For your chance to shop for free at Primark join UK Mystery Shopper today. If you're selected you'll be given £100 of Primark vouchers and get to keep everything you buy.

How to join UK Mystery Shopper

Step 1
Click here for UK Mystery Shopper

Step 2
Sign up for free and complete a short offers survey

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