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How to survive working from home

Jun 9th, 2020 10:52:06 am
by Kelly Shaw
Lifestyle Correspondent

Working from home has both its benefits and its drawbacks. For some, working from home is a great luxury they're afforded every once in a while, for others it's a daily occurrence.

It's perfect when things are going your way, the house is nice and quiet, you're tucked away in an upstairs room, able to concentrate and get on with the task at hand.

When it's not going your way it's a nightmare. You never seem to have the right equipment, the neighbour is always using noisy power tools, anyone in the house assumes you're able to watch the kids, run to the post office or nip to the supermarket, the list of distractions is endless.

During your work day, you're going to find small pockets of time away from your actual day job, whether it's on a coffee break, on your lunch or in-between tasks (it's inevitable).

The good news is, here at Trending First we're work from home pro's. Below is our list of the top 5 things you can do whilst working from home.

working from home: 5 top tips

1: Get binging with Amazon Prime Video.
We're not saying for a second you should be streaming TV/movies instead of working, but if you did want to catch up on the likes of The Grand Tour, Hunters or The Office on your lunch break then we can't stop you. In fact, we'd encourage it! With Prime Video you'll get 30 days free access to movies, TV shows and live sports events. Plus, you'll even get free one-day delivery on millions of items, so if you need a new mouse mat, notepad or monitor it's perfect. You'll be able to get all your work essentials at the click of a button delivered next day.

2. Exercise.
This one is super important for your mind as well as your body. Before or during the workday it's a great idea to get at least 20/30 minutes of exercise in to boost your energy, improve your mood and your overall health. The perfect way to start any work from home day. Here are two great home workout videos from Lita Lewis and Pamela Reif that require no equipment! They're perfect to do in your living room at home.

3. Earn money with 20Cogs.
Why not use your downtime from work to earn extra rewards from home? 20Cogs is a great way to earn that little bit extra, whether you're at work, at home or of an evening in your spare time. Earn rewards by completing Competitions, Offers, Gaming & Surveys. They've got 1,000's of 5 star Trustpilot reviews and they've paid nearly £2million back to their members. 20Cogs state their average member will earn £200, with the record being over £700. If you're looking for a little extra spending money, 20Cogs is for you.

4. Eat right.
With every kitchen cupboard available at your disposal, working from home can cause a big challenge for many of us. Snacking is not a great way to break up your work day. Have a filling breakfast, if you're stuck for time you can always prepare breakfasts and lunches the night before to eat during the day. Here are 8 tasty, yet healthy smoothies for you to try for breakfast that use just 3 ingredients. If you have to snack during the day (the likelihood is you will), then here are 15 healthy snacks you can eat both at work or at home.

5. Review products.
There are market research websites out there looking for people to test and review a whole host of products. These can be anything from mobile phones/tablets to mother & baby products. Product Testing UK allows you to test and review products in your own home. Signing up to their website is free, all you need to do is complete a short questionnaire and if selected you'll get to test your chosen product. You can do a 500 word review, or a short video review, the choice is yours. The best part is, after testing you can keep the product, free of charge.