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How to get a free Amazon Fire TV

Jan 14th, 2016 12:10:44 pm
by Maria Lawrence
Entertainment Correspondent

It's all my favourite TV shows in one easy place and best of all I got it for free

Enjoy all your favourite TV shows

We are in a golden age of TV and there has never been as many ways to watch TV shows or films. Amazon has made it even easier to watch your favourite TV shows or must see films. The Amazon Fire TV lets you stream thousands of shows or films from a host of channels or networks. Amazon Fire TV even lets you stream in stunning 4K Ultra HD. Normally it would cost you £79.99 but you can get the Amazon Fire TV for free.

Review site Product Testing is giving away Amazon Fire TV's for their members to review and then keep for free.

free amazon fire tv

Melissa Walker was given a free Amazon Fire TV when she joined Product Testing last month.

"It's all my favourite TV shows in one easy place and best of all I got it for free. Fire TV is brilliant, streaming shows and films has never been easier and you can watch everything in HD or even Ultra HD."

Test and keep products for free

Product Testing has been giving away free products since 2012 and a new product is sent out every day. It's free to join and once you complete the short offers survey you could be selected as a product tester. You'll then be sent a free Amazon Fire TV. All you need to do is a review and then you get to keep it for free.

Gary Lewis was also given a free Amazon Fire TV by Product Testing.

"This is a great gadget and I love how I get it for free. I can now watch all my favourite shows, streamed directly to my TV. The remote can be voice activated so I just say what I want to watch and it plays it."

For your chance to get a free Amazon Fire TV join Product Testing today. Complete the survey and if you're selected you'll be given a brand new Amazon Fire TV to review and keep.

How to join Product Testing

Step 1
Click here for Product Testing

Step 2
Sign up for free and then complete the offers survey